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The Alexander Technique

FM Alexander was born in 1869 in Tasmania, and was a professional elocutionist.    He developed severe hoarseness and was unable to work.  Medical treatment didn't help.   Finally he asked "could it be something I was doing myself that was causing the throat trouble?"

This question opened the door to years of study and the development of the mental discipline tools. that are the basis of our teaching.

The Interactive Teaching Method is a branch of the Alexander Technique which was developed by Don Weed, D.C., in response to his work with Marjorie Barstow, a student of FM Alexander.

It is an indepth study of the writings of FM Alexander and the mental discipline which he developed in response to debilitating medical problems which were not being solved by regular medical solutions.   His discovery of how he was using himself, how his ideas were affecting that use, and the resulting ideas on how to change that thinking and his overall use and condition coalesced into what we now call The Alexander Technique.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. Lisa’s knowledge of human movement and perspective on how results are attained adds to her passion for helping people to change their lives for the better.  I enjoy her humour and insight whenever we work together and am so glad to now have a colleague here in the north!”

Emma Jarrett ITM

How can this help me?

This approach to learning has the potential for profound impact on your physical and mental well being.  We approach the lesson in an interactive way, working together in the activity of your choice, helping you stop the unnecessary muscular work that might be getting in your way.

Experience life more fully.  Find more flexibility. Minimize unnecessary effort in all of your activities. Enjoy your activities longer and more easily.  Have more energy.  Reduce stress, tension, anxiety.

Who can benefit?

Absolutely everyone.  It is a tool that can be applied to all of your daily activities, whatever they might be.

According to the Interactive Teaching Method, the Alexander Technique is the study of thinking in relation to movement.  It is a powerful tool to help us prevent unnecessary muscular activity that might be limiting us or getting in our way.  

It's educational.  It's a mental discipline.  It's an exploration of what is possible!