I began my journey in the Alexander Technique in 1998.  I had struggled with a severe back injury since 1990, and felt I had tried absolutely everything.  Massage.  Physio.  Chiropractic.  Touch For Health.    I would get short term relief, but nothing long term.

Then I discovered the Alexander Technique. My joy and relief at finding something that actually worked, can't be overstated.  I learned to eliminate the problems that I had ultimately been causing myself.  I have continued to learn new things about myself and how I think about what I am doing.

I had the opportunity to pursue the Alexander Technique Teacher's training in 2012 in Bristol, UK.   It was a significant decision on whether to pursue the training or not.  I realized that the work has been so important and useful to myself that I should do the training and share this work with other people.

I completed the four years of training, and qualified as a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique in the Interactive Teaching Method.  I'm now working with students throughout BC and Alberta.