begin your journey
What's in a lesson?
We will work together in an activity of your choosing, and explore what might be possible.   There will be some interactive hands on work, questions, and discussion about what you are doing with yourself in your activity.
It might be an activity where you experience discomfort or fatigue.  It might be an activity that you would like to improve your performance in.  
What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself and anything you would like to work on for your lesson.  No special clothing is needed.

How many lessons and how often?
We'll begin with an introduction session.

You can experience the work and decide if this is something that will work for you.  

If you choose to go on, then you can decide on weekly, bi-weekly, etc.   

A set of six weekly lessons is an excellent way to experience what the Alexander Technique can do for you.

Group vs. Private?

It is personal preference whether you do a group or private lesson.  A group lesson offers the opportunity to learn from observing other people's lessons.  A private lesson allows you to explore on your own.

Lesson Rates
Introductory Lesson, approx. 45 minutes        $20.00

Private Lesson, approx 30 minutes                $55.00

Private Lesson, six session package               $280.00

Group Lesson, two or more people, per person  $40.00

Group Lesson, six lesson package, per person   $210.00